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We are MUDr. Kateřina Rybínová and MUDr. Josef Kučera and would like to invite You to our orthodontic practice.

We offer a comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all age groups and we hope You will be satisfied with our care. Our aim is always the best outcome with a special stress on providing all the patients a beatiful and attractive smile.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry dealing with malpositioned teeth, occlusal as well as skeletal malocclusions.

Our goal is to achieve a stable and esthetic result with aligned and harmonized dental arches with a good relation to the surrounding soft tissues such as lips and cheeks. Esthetics, function and stability of the result are the key factors for successful orthodontic treatment.

Majority of the cases is treated with fixed appliances (braces, multibracket applience), sometimes removable appliances are used (plates, activators etc.). We also very closely cooperate with our colleagues from other fields of dentistry – general dentistry, periodontology, implantology, prosthetic dentistry and dentofacial surgery. Interdisciplinary approach is crucial for optimum treatment result.

We could also say that orthodontics deals with the esthetics of Your smile. Smile is an important part of our everyday communication with people around us. Without a doubt, a beatiful and attractive smile opens the door to many people and many places, while unattractive smile may close them easily. Our practice is an exception to this rule.

If You need us to make Your smile more attractive, the door of our office is always wide open for You.

We are looking forward to Your visit,

MUDr. Kateřina Rybínová a MUDr. Josef Kučera

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Česká ortodontická společnost European Orthodontic Society Česká stomatologická komora World Federation of Orthodontists

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